Friday, March 14, 2014

Robert's 4H Quilts

A very nice young man, Robert loves quilting! Participating in a 4H program he finished two quilts. Last year's was a sampler he made out of denim. It's really good! This is Robert with his denim quilt made last year. Quilted by B&B, Robert brought this with him when he brought in this year's quilt ready to be quilted. I love how he fussy cut the pocket in the top center block of the denim quilt. Had to share this because I think it's wonderful!
Below is Robert's new quilt for this year. He paper pieced the half square triangles. Very graphic with neon green and purple colors set in black. Black backing. He requested a geometric pattern be quilted on this year's quilt and he picked out a dark purple thread. He decided on this geometric panto design... it's a very good choice. Well done Robert!
(I'll take some close up pix this morning once the sun gets up and up date this post later today)
Update: Here are new pix with a better shot of the whole quilt
and some close ups

 The quilting design ~ Geometric panto 1
Another update: When Robert picked up his quilt this afternoon, he told me he already has ideas for next year's quilt with applique! Nice!

Now that I have one method of doing pantos figured out on Auto Pilot, there are four different ways to do them!, I am looking forward to doing some custom. Last night I loaded a pre print and started playing with the new ruler, changed the foot to a special foot designed to use with rulers and started quilting hand guided. It's like budda!

I never intended to get into computerized quilting, it just happened when I purchased my first longarm used and the Statler came with. Now, five years later, that's where I'm at, learning new software! With Auto Pilot I have way more options and lots more to explore (learn :0) The biggest reason I made the change to Innova is how beautifully it handles hand guided and it does! Now I have a machine that can do both, computerized and hand guided quilting. 

The sun is just coming up and it's time to get my day going. I have several custom quilts lined up for some very patient customers, again, thank you! I have the best customers and keep meeting new ones! Yesterday Tina, new to quilting brought a very well made log cabin pieced with batiks to my studio. We came up with a design, thread choice and a plan right off. It's a wonderful feeling. Wish I could start on it right away but there are more beautiful quilts to do first :0)

Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate the company! Enjoy your day, stitching away!


  1. Wow a quilt made of jeans that doesn't look like a rag quilt!? Amazing ! and so is that bold HST quilt. We better watch out for him, he'll be a Rick Tim soon!

  2. I think that Robert is AWESOME talented!
    Thanks for sharing his work with us - your quilting really compliments his work!

  3. Great job on the two quilts. I particularly like the blue one.

  4. That is really awesome! For a beginner Robert is off to a terrific start!


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