Saturday, March 8, 2014

Panto Progress and the First Quilt

Following lots of practice on pre prints the first 'real' quilt rolled off the frame of my new Innova longarm! A scrappy quilt made by Phoebe...
She was fine with my using it for panto practice on the new machine. It turned out just fine.Yea!

Below is my first practice panto on one of the pre prints with a cute new design of teddy bears on a black flannel back...
 and a flannel Penguin print front
 This one turned out fine too so I will add binding and gift it to my nephews first baby :0)

Design wall is up, it's 8 x 8 feet square with a hole cut out for an outlet :0) Yea!
Thank you Michael for all your help xoxoxoxo

For the most part a very good week despite some health issues.
Esther of Threads on the Floor came by Friday morning and is the first person to see my studio finished! We had a wonderful visit. I love that we are good friends and longarm quilters.
New longarm tools ordered arrived. Looking forward to playing with this ruler...
Renae's Steady Edge from Quilts on the Corner. Comes in 3 sizes. 
One of them went home with Esther to play with

Next up a QOV made by Janis in Oroville who dropped off this beauty at Cathy's Honey Run Quilters. It's loaded and ready to go! 

Janie came by in the afternoon to lay out blocks for her quilt.
Visit my blog Ramblin' Rows to see the progress on our NYD mystery quilts
Thank you for visiting Moonbear Designs' new studio
You are welcome to come and play!
Enjoy your weekend :0)


  1. How fun to be able to start quilting on your new longarm. Love the size of your design wall... I am jealous ;-)

  2. Pheobe's quilt looks wonderful! I hope we see this at show and tell.

  3. Woo hoo you are on your way. I like the steady edge, but think the middle size would be the best of the three. If you order again, add one on for me. Loved our visit, and I am so excited for all the new possibilities in your future.

  4. So glad I got to see you today Jo! The studio looks mighty fine and the quilts were even better up close! The design wall was awesome and all the touches Michael helped with too. Have a good week and see you soon!


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