Sunday, September 21, 2014

A wedding quilt and a week of progress

This is a quilt made by my friend Donna. When I opened up her folded top I was surprised to see this gorgeous center! Donna is busy adding the binding this weekend getting this quilt finished as a wedding gift for a family member. 
This large quilt is going to look gorgeous draped on a bed when it's all completed. Wonderful blue with green fabrics and a great design. They will love this Donna, well done!
A close up of the quilting design. I choose a floral design with heart shaped petals that also mimicked the flowers in the large border print fabric. Quilted with a blue thread and wool batting. 
 Thank you Donna :0)

Also completed a few small quilts...
This one is made by Beckie. It was meant to be a large quilt, however, Beckie started this quilt in a Linda Ballard Mystery retreat. Not being a HST kind of girl opted not to make the gazillion HSTs required to make the original quilt so this became a baby quilt with the blocks she had completed :0) Love it in blue and white! 
With the same intent in mind, these flowers mimicked the tiny flowers in the print of this fabric as well. I used a variegated Fantastico thread that added a little sparkle. A different design but also with hearts in the petals of the flowers plus this one has butterflies to make it fun for a baby. Quilters are very resourceful! 
I had the best day yesterday taking part in a class Beckie taught making table runners in the classroom at Honey Run @ Cathy's. I'll post about that on my blog later this morning.

Two more little guys quilted for Carol F. She came by Honey Run yesterday to pick them up and got to see all the different table runners almost completed. We had fun! 
Carol has been using up scraps to make quilts, these are two more of four that I have done for her this summer. This one is all Hawaiian prints...
 Quilted with a new to me design of Hibiscus flowers
 Blue Turquoise thread on the back where you can see the design better. 

And this one is very special to Carol, 
a memory quilt made with scraps from items her mother made. 
 Every type of fabric you can imagine! Faux suede and even a piece of fur! 
I was a little nervous to quilt this one because of all the different types of fabrics so I kept the quilting simple. Even I was pleasantly surprised that it went well.
Loved the backing that Carol chose for this quilt. I wanted to have fun and turn the quilt upside down and quilt along the print of the fabric. It would have been a good option except for the scale, it was too large a print for the size of this quilt. Thank you Carol. She plans to have more done and ready for quilting after the holidays. Love scrappy quilts!

This is a quilt made by Claudia V
I am also working on a holiday table runner to her
and will post more pix when finished this coming week.

Finally, a wall hanging for Linda D. 
Made by a friend using wool and a mix of hand and machine applique. 
Custom quilted with a cross hatch behind the basket, SID around the applique, 
stars added to the star print inner border and a simple leaf design in the outer border.
 Love how the quilter pieced the stripe fabric to look like a basket weave.
This was started earlier this summer and set aside while I was dealing with some of the bugs in my machine. I can't tell you how happy I am that Helena is running smooth now and progress is back on track! There are many quilts here in my studio waiting for their turn and I am doing my best to have quilts done for the holidays. I also have two more to finish that will be going to PIQF with Honey Run Quilters. The latest is a quilt made by all the staff at Honey Run and is a gorgeous Christmas quilt. Pix soon! If you are attending Pacific International be sure to stop by their booth!
Planned for this coming week is a top made by Kelly K...
...up on my design wall for inspiration, this is a quilt Kelly made in a Don Linn class this summer as part of our guild's workshops. I missed out on attending this workshop. He also offered an Art Deco style quilt that I would like to make. I did buy his book and met him at our guild's meeting. Very nice guy. Kelly's quilt is called Asian Salsa. Love the graphics! 

Kelly is Vice President for the new term just started for Annie's Star Quilt Guild. I can't wait to see what speakers and workshops she will have in store for us next year!

One more quilt finished for Janie, I will save for a new post. There are lots of pix! I am happy but sad to say that I am not able to take on any new quilts for this year! In fact, January is filled as well after Cindy dropped off 7 quilts last week! Busy, busy, busy! 

Birds of a Feather takes place in February and I would love to attend. Sponsored by Innova and Gammill, I am ready to take Auto Pilot to the next level and learn from the experts that know the program really well. It's a Bi-annual show so I would hate to wait two more years! Will keep you updated, if I attend, depends on my mom as well, I plan to block out the month of February.  

Enjoy your Sunday
Make some time to take some stitches!
Groetjes, Jo


  1. You are totally on a roll, great progress and beautiful quilts. Oh I would love for you to go to Birds of a Feather. I'm not planning on it, but it would be fun, I think you would love it, and I hope things work out so you can go.

  2. What a gorgeous wedding quilt!
    I love seeing all the tops you are quilting for your customers!
    Your work is beautiful and the designs you choose always look wonderful!


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