Monday, September 1, 2014

Miniature Quilts

Very happy with my Innova! Helena and I finished a few more samples today ~ miniature quilts, testing out the machine and tension at the same time. These samples will be a good visual for customers to see patterns, designs, threads and battings as well. 
Each sample is quilted on fat quarters or smaller pieces of fabric with each design scaled down on Auto Pilot. It was also nice to try out a few patterns that came on Auto Pilot that I haven't used at the same time adjusting tension. I kept a log of each pattern, tension settings, the type and color of thread and the batting that it was quilted on. Here are some close ups of each design... fyi QD = Quilter's Dream, a brand of batting.

Strawberry Fields quilted with Omni on QD wool batting

 Starburst quilted with Omni on QD Select cotton

Keukenhof quilted with SoFine #707 on QD Select cotton
Keukenhof translated is Dutch for Kitchen Garden :0)

Woven Wind quilted with Signature cotton on Hobbs 80/20 on a homespun
 Woodland Path quilted with Fantiastico on QD wool

 Raindrops quilted with Omni on QD Puff

 Center is New Wave quilted with Omni on QD poly
(The FQ's have two to three designs on each of them)

Calm Water quilted with Fantastico on QD poly

 Flamingo Sunset quilted with Fantastico on QD cotton layered with Dream Blend

Wild Cherries quilted with Omni on QD wool

Very happy with the tension, it was consistent and no shredding!
Tomorrow it will be back to quilting customer quilts. The samples were a nice way to test and adjust tension and not have to pull out any more stitches!

Last week I was only able to finish the one quilt for Pam. This is going to delay each and every quilt in line to be quilted. I have and will do my best to make up some time. Looking forward to some days with cooler temps. With the exception of the quilts on "the list" new quilts that come this month will be scheduled for December. Thank you!

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend. Enjoy your week!
Groetjes, Jo

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