Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Asian Salsa for Kelly

Kelly's Asian Salsa spent a week up on my design wall for inspiration and ideas. Here it is back up on my wall with the quilting finished ~ Yea! I had fun with Kelly's quilt. Lots of stitching to add texture and add to it's aboriginal organic feel. Here are some close ups...
I used two different Fantastico variegated threads, one for the borders in golds to browns and a different one in the center field that had all sorts of color including a teal that popped along with the teal colors in the fabrics.
Lots of texture, I was going for an earthy look with layers of stitching surrounding pockets of pebbles. The border stitching is a leaf design similar to the leaf print of the fabric.
 The center...
Hidden in all of the stitching is the face of a wild cat. Hard to see even in real life let alone in these pix but it's there, if only in my mind! Fabrics were all dark to medium values plus a low loft batting makes the quilting the background and texture, which is what we were going for. Kelly's curved piecing wins the prize for this quilt! Yep, all pieced in, no applique! The piecing was perfect on this baby! 

Well done Kelly!!! 
 A few more lying on my work table
where you can see a little more of the texture of the stitching

 Thank you Kelly

Enjoy your week and thank you for stopping by, Jo

"We will be known forever by the tracks we leave."
Native American Proverb

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  1. What a fabulous unique quilt, and I love how you quilted it.


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