Monday, October 27, 2014

October Quilting for the Kids

Just have to start off pix with a Halloween quilt
made by Donna L with a second in the works
 Quilted with Scull and Crossbones

 Another really cute quilt for the kids, 
this one is made by Francis P
 and very fun to quilt!
with hand guided FMQing in the center playing with the print.
The borders were quilted with 2 different designs
 Deep Blue Sea border and corner set quilted in the outer border
and Bubbles Everywhere in the inner border
Both are designs from Sweet Dreams Studio
 Close up of the center panel...
Very similar to one I quilted for Beckie last summer

A baby quilt also made by Donna L
 Cute fabrics with all sorts of ideas for quilting designs
Airplanes, ships, clouds, a fun quilt for a baby boy
 Donna liked the Hot Air Balloons so I found this cute Hot Air Balloon pattern
The quilting shows so well on the minkee backing Donna picked out!

It would have been fun on Betty's quilt as well
altho, the clouds were just as cute! 
and Betty's backing had plenty of hot air balloons!
Well done! Thank you ladies
I enjoyed quilting these cuties! 

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