Sunday, April 12, 2015

MQX 2015

Added note: sadly there were unkind words posted on social media regarding Margaret Solomon Gunn and her MQX post, and it has since been removed. I removed the links previously set up in my original post. This is a link to her blog homepage where you can see her beautiful work!

This week was New England's MQX Quilt Festival in Manchester, NH. Here is a blog post by Margaret Solomon Gunn on her blog Quilts of Love about MQX. Margaret taught classes as well as entered some of her beautiful quilting. Pix of her work and a quilt made and entered by her daughter plus lots more machine quilting eye candy! Head over to her blog for pix. I am not posting her pix here without permission.

Attending any one of the MQX festivals let alone entering a quilt is on my someday bucket list. Meanwhile, yes, I have been working/quilting, even over the weekend to help keep up. Today I finished a store sample for Honey Run Quilter's that Anne made.

Karen G's quilt was finished yesterday along with one for Claudia, two for Betty D and Linda E's Dresden plate quilt were all quilted this week. Pix soon, I'm taking the rest of the day off to enjoy what's left of the weekend along with the nice warm weather and the flowers in the garden.

This is a pic from last year but it looks just like this right now
and I am headed outside to enjoy it :0)

Hope you made some time to take some stitches
and enjoy the weekend as well!
Tot ziens, Jo


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