Monday, October 19, 2015

Leapin' Lizards! ~ PIQF 2015

One last post of pix from PIQF
There were many quilts with bead work from all parts of the world.
 Loved this one where the bead work gave the lizards demension as well as more color...

Lizard Dance by Lys Axelson of Big Bear City, CA  44 x 44 (detail above)

Thom Atkins didn't disappoint with his new beaded quilt
(altho my photography skills do)
Thom was a guest speaker at our guild and did a workshop that I was fortunate enough to attend. We practiced all sorts of bead work techniques and how to apply them to a quilt. So glad I took Thom's workshop and can really appreciate all the work that goes into these beaded quilts! There is another post on The Quilt Show this morning with a Part 2 of quilts from the show with more of the beaded quilts... here is a link.  There were so many more quilts than what I have posted here.

Midnight Star by Sieglinde Koch of Germany  83 x 63 
Longarm quilted by Birgit Schuller

 Great use of this fabric print

 Introspection - The Inner Journey by Jan Reed of Grass Valley, CA  23 x 28

 Amazing machine quilting! Combined with what looks like metalic thread
and glass beads, it look like lace. Great art quilt! 

Free Tibet by Meri Henriques Vahl, USA 
Best of World at the World Quilt Show ~ New England ~ August 2015
The detail put into this quilt was just amazing!

 Winter Chickadee by Diane Hansen of Chandler, AZ  42 x 35
Can you tell how much I appreciate the machine quilting :0)

And a couple more that were just fun or had a message like this one...
Don't text and drive! 
 Electronic Intrusion by Sandra S Proudfoot from Canada  60 x 80
Longarm quilted by Mary Light

Pony's Dream by Susan Else
The carousel was motorized and turning so it's a bit of a blurr, however the ponies are riding people! Susan's Quilted sculpture is as amazing as it is entertaining with a special exhibit of her work at PIQF this year. These were new to me pieces, she had many other pieces there that I had seen when Susan was a guest speaker at one of Annie's Star Quilt Guild meetings. Very cool artist!

So so so many amazing quilts, textiles, garments. Seeing quilts online is great, seeing them in real life, there is no comparison. Looking forward to more! The quilts posted here are but a few. Here are links for both of the slide shows Mary Kay Davis put together on The Quilt Show ~ PIQF part 2 and PIQF part 1.

It's been a great birthday weekend. Starting out with PIQF, brunch and dinner out with my sweetie on the day of, plus a great seminar 'Ditch your Lawn' where we picked up great ideas, resources for new drip line products and native plant websites. Today is birthday lunch with friends. Life is good! Thank you Betty, for the nice comment about not being old :0) Thank you again Sandy for the best quilt day ever :0) Bear hugs! I have the best friends and customers, thank you all! 

Enjoy your week
Tot ziens, Jo

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