Saturday, October 31, 2015

Omni V

While at PIQF Jim and Nicky Davis of Innova/Sew So Shop told me that Superior had a new variegated Omni! I stopped by Superior's booth to pick up a thread order and picked out a few of the new cones. Love it!

Used one of the new cones this week on a customer's quilt...
Very nice!
I was very pleased with the new Omni V thread with it's matte finish. The color changes fast like Fantastico, which I like. SoFine 40 is what I have been using for a matte variegated thread, it's good too. Fantastico with it's sheen is a customer favorite.

Next weekend is our guild's quilt show and it's countdown time! My studio will only be open Monday thru Wednesday of next week. Thursday and Friday are set up, Judging and getting vendors checked in. The show is Saturday & Sunday. Tonight is Halloween. Pretty quiet on our street without any trick or treaters. We always buy candy that we like and have it ready... just in case! Tonight is also time to...
 Enjoy your Halloween weekend!
Tot Ziens, Jo

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