Monday, February 15, 2016

Custom e2e for Claudia's Jelly Roll

One of my favorite ways to use e2e designs is to line them up with the blocks or pattern of a quilt. I look for designs that work well with either straight set, alternating or set on point blocks. To take even a simple quilt and step it up with the quilting, Claudia's quilt is the perfect example of doing just that...

Made with a Jelly Roll with graphic fabrics and a good piecing pattern, add a graphic quilting design with texture and wool batting for loft, it's a recipe for a fun quilt! 

I love quilting on my Innova. Having the capability of laying out the design on my computer, loading the quilt on my frame, lining up the computer screen to the blocks of the quilt and then stitching it out. Easy enough with individual block designs. In this case, the design is a b2b. Echo by Anne Bright. 

What I refer to as a 'custom e2e' when lined up with the blocks on a quilt. Once set up, it is stitched out in one continuous row just like an e2e or b2b. Depending on the size, rows can be linked together as well. A design can also be flipped and/or mirrored, then linked back together and still stitched out as an e2e. It offers my customers something in between a random all over and custom.

Above is the design from the back side of the quilt. Just like a quilt block pattern, it's great to see secondary designs created once they are stitched together. 

Claudia has a great sense of color, fabrics and texture. The combination works well in this quilt along with it's backing. She is hands on when we are choosing a quilting design for her quilts. This new one worked out great Claudia, good choices! Thank you

Recently quilted is a quilt that Linda made, her Farmer's Wife quilt, posted here. It's a good example of what can be done using an e2e for set on point blocks.

A custom e2e takes a little more time to set up, however not as much time as it would to quilt each block individually with a bazillion tie offs. Sometimes it's a little 'thinking outside of the box' by not stitching sashing individually or adding allot of SID.

Semi custom, as was done on Linda's quilt, is another option. It works as a b2b design that is only quilted in the center field. It can be a design lined up to blocks or a random all over, then framed with a border/corner quilted in the outer border. In this case I took another e2e, cut it apart, divided the ends to make it a repeated border and then added a block design for the corner.

With the recent technology in longarm quilting, it's great to offer customers more options and good choices which often times comes down to price.  

On to a new week...
Tot ziens, Jo

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