Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Feathers for a Farmer's Wife and a Wedding quilt

Linda pieced her Farmer's Wife quilt with Civil War reproduction fabrics
(my favorite :0) 
 The center field is quilted with an edge to edge
lined up with the blocks Linda set on point. It worked really well!
 The design is from One Song Needle Arts

It was great to see how the quilting looked on each block
which, if you are not familiar with the pattern/book
each block in the quilt is different

A different e2e from One Song worked well for the borders
along with a block design for the corner

Linda hasn't seen it yet, for now I get to enjoy it for a little while longer!
Thank you Linda, see you soon

Altho still working on a few quilts from January, I do have another large custom quilt finished for Betty that was scheduled for February. The date for a wedding was moved up so we did our best to finish this quilt in time for one of Betty's grands.

Also quilted with feather designs, Sacred Journey from One Song Needle Arts
Even the name of the design is perfect for a wedding quilt!

These were big blocks ~ 22"
I had to break up the designs as my quilting space maxes out at 21!
It worked out great :0)
Betty picked up this little quilt below when she dropped off the wedding quilt.
It's a quilt she made in a Joe Cunningham workshop hosted by our quilt guild.

  Quilted with a design from Sweet Dreams Studio
Betty used a pink pokie flannel for the backing. 

Thank you Betty
Enjoy your visit with the family!

Tot Ziens, Jo

"The earth laughs in flowers"

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  1. All 3 quilts turned out wonderful!
    I really like the design you chose for the Farmer's Wife quilt. It works so well to compliment all those different blocks.
    Such a lovely wedding quilt too and her workshop quilt is also very sweet.


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