Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Custom for Janie using new longarm tools!

Janie made this cute little applique quilt

With lots of little HSTs! Great fabric choices and color :0)

Simply quilted with Garden Party in the borders and corner stones. 
Scrolls added in the sashing and cross hatch with outlining in the blocks.  
Love the loft with wool batting from Quilter's Dream :0) 
Threads are from Superior.

Got a chance to use my new crosshatch ruler for this quilt 
as well as for Judy's applique quilt.

The ruler is attached to a new dead bar with a groove in it 
so I can move the ruler from side to side.
And... my zero center tape fits on it!!! Yea

Here the angle is set at 45 degrees. There are more options. 
It's really nice and stable to have the long ruler that is anchored at the dead bar 
and long enough to rest on the belly bar. 

Here you can see my new extension bars as well! These are the new ones from Innova 
that have the power buttons added to each handle. Big improvement over using 
my mountain bike climbing handle bars!!! 

It's good to have new toys tools :0) 

Thank you Janie 
Tot ziens, Jo

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