Friday, July 1, 2016

Holiday Week ahead!!!

Wishing everyone a fun and safe 4th of July celebration
with family and friends!

Moonbear Designs & Quilting will be closed for the holiday weekend, 
 next week and the following weekend. 
The studio will be open again on July 11

Why ? 
One word... 

 Total Newbie... I have never been! 
It will be an experience :0)
Thank you Pam

Looking forward to some time off from the 'sweat shop'...
literally with triple digits all week, summer is here! 
Enjoy your holiday weekend 
Happy Fourth of July

Please be courteous...
fireworks are detrimental to humans with PTSD 
especially our combat troops
and to dogs. Thank you!

Tot ziens, Jo


  1. I hope to see you! I'm taking a class on Friday, picnic in the park Friday night, then the show Saturday. What's your plan?

    1. I am signed up for a class on Friday as well! Yea!!! Will definitely see you!


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