Saturday, July 23, 2016

Modern yet traditional for Dorrie

A Modern Maple Leaf quilt 
Made with large HST blocks which make up four maple leaves. 

We decided that the quilting needed to reflect the same... traditional yet modern. 
Sew the quilting has straight line combined with feathers 
split between the HSTs as well as the solid blocks. 

The feathers came together in a nice mirrored design in the center of the quilt 
which was one of our goals for this quilt.  
I also quilted the feathers on all of the edges of the quilt 
to create a scallop effect. It worked out great!

Great fabrics! 

A second quilt for Dorrie...

This quilt is made from a Jaybird pattern named Hugs & Kisses 

This quilt has a very different feel with a soft pallet of fabrics in pinks. 
Mostly prints with roses so...

this one is quilted with Zen Roses
Pink thread, wool batting and a pink backing.

A very sweet romantic quilt 
Thank you Dorrie! 

Dorrie and I took the same classes at Sister's this month 
for A Quilter's Affair. We had so much fun. Both classes were wonderful! 
One with Scott Hansen of Blue Nickle Studios and another from 
John Q. Adams aka Quilt Daddy

More on the quilts we made later :0) 
Enjoy your weekend 
Stay cool! Tot ziens, Jo

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