Tuesday, July 12, 2011

3 blocks for 1880s Sampler

Finished three blocks today for the 1880s Sampler Quilt. Cut them out yesterday along with two blocks for the Civil War BOW. Started piecing them but I am not happy with the fabrics I put together.

The colors in my 1880s blocks are very bright and I am not sure I am happy with them either. I do enjoy making them! Toying with the idea of choosing some different colors and beginning again, especially since I will need to buy fabrics for the sashing and borders. I like how Magpiememories has pulled soft yellow and pinks together with browns. It looks very nice. For now, here are 3 more of my 5 inch blocks:

Courthouse Steps

New Album Variation

Bordered Nine Patch
Courthouse Steps is the most recent block Cheryl posted for the quilt along. My plan is to keep up with the newest while working back from when I started this quilt. But that plan may change if I decide to go with some different fabrics. Hummmmmmmmmm

Have yet to do any fabric shopping, at least for me. Today I did get to pick out fabrics for a new Block of the Month ~ Color Me Happy. We plan to launch it at Cathy's Sew and Vac in Chico sometime this Fall. It was fun picking fabrics from samples with a sales rep and Jeni at the store. Hard part is having to wait until the bolts come in! Maybe 2 whole weeks!

Saturday's class was allot of fun. Again, I was completely drained by the end of the day. I really enjoy teaching and the women taking this series of classes have been great. We have one more class, machine quilting and binding. At Cathy's I am setting up another set of beginning quilting classes after the end of summer. So I have two quilts to plan, the BOM and a new class sample. This time I plan to make a 9 patch with an alternate block to make an Irish Chain for the featured quilt, and making the sample in red and white.

For now it's back to work. I have several home dec jobs going on including a duvet. Fabric for the duvet should arrive the middle of this week. Also have the ball rolling to have a yard sale this weekend. It's the first Saturday that I am not teaching a class and the weather is not over 100 degrees!

Will check back in with finished blocks for the Civil War BOW soon. Oh, I am also starting a baby quilt and I did make some quilted booties out of the same fabrics. Will have to take some pictures and post them next time as they are so CUTE... Cowboy Boot Booties... CUTE!


  1. Your blocks are wonderful. I, too, love Magpie's color choices. I can donate a lot of Julie Hendrickson miniatures (many of the fabrics she used) if you are interested! Just let me know.
    You sound very busy!! Stay cool.

  2. Your newest blocks for the sampler turned out beautiful! Sounds like you are working on a lot of wonderful projects. Wishing you continued success on all of them!


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