Sunday, July 3, 2011

Civil War BOW ~ 2 blocks

Completed 2 blocks earlier today (actually Saturday, it's after midnight now so this will post as Sunday).

Block 26 ~ Barbara Frietchi Star
This is last weeks block #26. ALL HSTs which is OK with me. I enjoy making them. I cut oversize and then square to size. Takes a little extra time but I find it's worth it to get nice points and a good 1/4 inch seam allowance.

The light is Nineteenth Century Backgrounds II for the collection of Judie Rothermel for Marcus Bros and the blue in the pinwheel is Windham Fabric Presents Miniatures c.1886 by Nancy Gere Pattern #25856. The remaining fabrics were cut from 8 inch squares swapped in 2004. I've been collecting repros since then so allot of them are older. I am running out of madders so... it's time for some retail therapy!

Block 27 ~ Irish Chain
Block #27 is an easy block. I love how everyone on the Flickr group challenge one another. Even a simple block becomes a challenge with fussy cutting! Becky makes her interpretation on Barbara Brackman's blog. Sometimes I follow her lead, sometimes not. I liked how she changed the direction of the rectangles on her block. She also set the center block with a central design which everyone began doing back with the first blocks in some very creative ways. I chose my fabrics with that intent except I did not have a nice large print that would work for the center. Like I mentioned... retail therapy is in order! Especially if it involves a new line that Kathie Holland posted about... Crossroads to Texas. Gorgeous!

I reversed the lights and darks. Gives a whole different look which I am not quite sure works for an Irish Chain. I do like how the dark green fabric has the look of a chain. I didn't see it until I looked at the photo. Always interesting to see how fabrics play with each other in a photograph.

Center fabric is from Documentaries by Benartex and the dark green is Pockets and Housewives by Sturbridge for Kent Avery. The light green is cut from an 8 inch square and unknown to me.

I also cut out some fabrics for the 1880s sampler but that will be tomorrows project. Maybe a second Irish Chain block? What do you think? Until tomorrow... or should I say... later today! lol


  1. Love your Irish Chain! You have inspired me...I wasn't going to make this one, but your value and fabric selection make it an interesting block.

  2. Now that's a block!! So interesting with the switching of the darks and lights. And congrats on getting them done this weekend. (I didn't - and so I'll have to get busy later this week.)


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