Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Great Long Weekend!

Quilted two of my UFOs.
Here is NYD Mystery Chips 'n Strips. Quilted an all over feather with a feather border. Have the inner border to do yet. The binding will be pieced with the deep red around the corners and one of the dark fabrics along the sides. This quilt top and the binding is completely made of scraps and left over strips!!!

...and Connected Friends quilted with an all over meander with stars panto. This quilt is scrappy too because it's made from swapped charms all Celestial fabrics!

Quilted these on Friday and then got a call from my best friend Sally about coming down from Tahoe to visit us for the weekend! Yipee!! Shopped, watched football, got caught up with the latest and eating out. Michael made us a great home cooked meal on Sunday. We went to antique stores and Sally got to meet Brandie at 8th and Main. We had the best weekend!!!

It's very noisy this morning, we have a tree crew cutting down Privet trees along one side of the property along our driveway. It's an invasive tree here in Northern California with dark purple berries that make a mess. When the Wax Wings (100 at a time) come through to munch on the berries it "rains" purple bird poop. It's terrible!!! Other than loosing a little summer shade, my truck and I are not going to miss them at all!

Off to take mom to a doctor's appointment and then back to some quilting this afternoon. Next up is binding and making labels. My quilting class was postponed to this Thursday but I am good to go for that. Oh, and last week I picked up my white fabric for Just Takes 2. I had planned to wash and treat the reds to get started over the weekend but had way too much fun with Sally!

Have a wonderful and quilty week!


  1. I love that your first quilt is all scraps. I always feel so frugal when I use up leftovers.
    Are you going to bring these to show and tell? I will if you will

  2. Sounds like you had not only a productive week, but a very fun weekend with Sally! It is such a good feeling to get a quilt finished. Happy binding.

  3. WOW - wonderful quilting on both of those beautiful quilts! Congratulations on getting so much accomplished!

  4. Hey, Jo...I just found you, and just in time to see something I recognize! I remember that swap, and really like what you did! I put mine together, but haven't quilted it.


    1. Rebecca! Yes, that was the Celestial swap that Luna Lisa put together! We had so many great swaps. That quilt reminds me of Mar too. She was up in Tahoe for retreat and we ended up spending a day together quilting at my house, this is the quilt top I was working on that day. I sure so miss her as I'm sure you do as well.
      (Sure hope you see this as I can't email as you are a no reply blogger.)
      Big ol' Bear Hugs! Jo


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