Sunday, January 1, 2012

Off to a good start

"Whatever you do on New Year's Day ... you do for the rest of the year"

this according to Vicky's mother ;0) and if it's true, I am off to a good start! 

Most New Year's Day for the past couple of years I've done a NYD Mystery quilt with Planet Patchwork. It's a great way to spend New Year's morning quilting while watching the Rose Parade on TV... EXCEPT this year the Rose Parade will be tomorrow! Why? Because Jan 1st is on Sunday this year... according to Wikapedia some good old boys way back when made a pack with God that if He never made it rain on the Rose Parade that the parade would never be held on a Sunday. Another reason given was they were afraid it would scare the horses with buggies hitched outside the many churches on Colorado Boulevard along the parade route.

Just not the same without the parade, altho I did enjoy the football games. Yea Forty Niners! I finished half of my Mystery quilt and decided to finish the other half tomorrow morning while the parade is on. So we end up with two New Years Days this year! Not too bad!

So far I like the Mystery quilt and how it's turning out. I will post a picture of the top tomorrow when it's complete. Sorry, no pic! This will be the last year I do their Mysteries. Mistakes as usual and I ended up with too many blocks and pieces. So I decided to change the layout, which led to a redesign of the corner blocks because now the border pieces are too short. Drat, now it really is a UFO, not even the top is finished. Bye bye Planet Patchwork...

2012 UFO Challenge ~ Judy posted Quilt # 5 for January. Yippee for me as my #5 is a quilt top ready for quilting and binding.  Friendship Stars is a top made from star fabrics I swapped in a Celestial Star Swap that Luna Lisa hosted while we were members of AAQMB.  

Speaking of UFOs, I am off to a good start getting new ones started. lol Besides the Mystery quilt I am working on today, I saw a post on the Civil War site by Terry about a new quilt project called "Just takes 2" I held off to sign up because I wanted this year to be about finishing quilts and FMQ. But I gave in! :0) Besides, it will give me something to do for next year's UFO list. AND... it's a red and white quilt. Check it out, I put up a button on by side bar. 

A closing thought about Resolutions... I only like to make one: Quilt! Having said that, here is a list I'd like to share, emailed yesterday from a wonderful quilt shop in Georgetown, Texas called Poppy Quilt and Sew:

2012 New Year's Resolutions
- Take a 10-30 minute walk every day. And while you walk, smile. It is the   ultimate anti-depressant.
- Eat more food that grows on trees and plants, and eat less that is manufactured.
- Drink green tea, and plenty of water.
- Don't take yourself too seriously, no one else does.
- Make peace with your past, so you don't spoil the present. What other people
  think of you is none of your business. Forgive everyone for everything.
- No one is in charge of your happiness, but you.
- Each night before you go to bed complete the following statements: 
" I am thankful for ______________. Today I accomplished ________________"
- Remember that you are too blessed to be stressed, after all you have many friends that share the love of quilting with you. You can also share your talents with those around you, whether making a quilt, or teaching someone to quilt. 

Happy quilting in 2012!


  1. Sounds like you had the perfect New Year's Day, and, yep, you'll do that for the rest of the year! I love your walking/smiling resolution. I might adopt that one from you! Happy New Year, Jo! It'll be a good one! xo

  2. Oh my gosh, MoonBear, I should print your New Years Resolutions and put them on my mirror to read several times a day. I do hope that what I did yesterday is not what I will do the rest of the year. I have been so exhausted this past week, that I did nothing of note except go to church. Think my New Years will start today!Happy New Year my friend.

  3. I love your resolutions, Jo, and will adopt of few of them for myself, especially the forgiveness one.

  4. Happy New Year Jo!
    I have several UFO projects too and like you just couldn't resist signing up for Just Takes 2. I got such a chuckle out of your comment on now having something to carry over to NEXT year! lol
    Wishing you a Happy & Productive 2012!

  5. I wondered about the Rose Parade. I thought it was odd that I didn't come across it when flipping channels on the tv. But I wasn't really looking for it.


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