Saturday, January 28, 2012

Red and White

Decided on a layout for my Tree of Life blocks after completing 4 of the blocks. I will make 4 more that will be placed in the corners and add sashing between them. I am getting pretty excited about this quilt.
Then I started on my blocks for Just Takes 2 mystery quilt. These are a combination of blocks from both set one and set two. 
I am trying my hand at Redwork for the first time. What started out as a cold moved into my chest and a cough later this week. I figured it would be a good time to take it easy with some handwork. So far it's not looking too good :0( Tried it with a hoop, without, with a stabiliser, without... first one has become a practice piece. Will try again, later. Pushing the button on the camera is about all the energy I have for today. Best to burn a day and get to feeling better.

Sure so miss checking the CW blog for a new block on Saturday mornings. Barbara Brackman did post more pictures of finished tops today. Check them out here


  1. Oh I fricken LOVE the trees! Love it!
    I think I have the same cold. Been coughing up lung slugs and sneezing for the last three days. Today is much better, so I think I'm going to live. Wishing you well!

  2. O.M.Gosh... your trees look stunning in this layout! Really love the idea of 4 in the corners as well!
    Your JT2 blocks look terrific too!

    Hope you get to feeling better soon - be sure to rest & pamper yourself a bit!

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon .

    Love the layout for your trees AMAZING !!!

    Your JT2 blocks look wonderful !

  4. Your Tree of Life blocks are stunning. What a beautiful "leftovers" quilt.

  5. Love the setting for the tree of life blocks!!
    Your R&W blocks look really great!!

  6. Hope you're feeling better. Love your trees!


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