Monday, April 30, 2012

April UFO

My UFO finish for April is Chips 'n Strips...
This started as an online New Year's Day Mystery Quilt hosted by Planet Patchwork Jan 1st 2012. Made from left over strips and scraps plus two different cream color pieces for the outer borders.
Close up of my feather quilting. The binding is pieced from strips as well. The binding on the corners is the red inner border fabric and centered on each of the sides is binding made from strips of one of the print fabrics.
On the 1st I finished piecing the top without borders. The fabrics I planned to use for borders were a bit too short and I set it aside. Added to my list for Judy's UFO challenge I took it out again and tweaked the pattern. Original layout called for nine patch cornerstones in the outer border. Changed them to a 16 patch, included the cornerstones of the inner border and now the two outer border fabrics work.

This quilt is actually #2 on my UFO list. April got away from me and I was not able to get much work done on my UFO # 10 Galactic Twinkle, Judy's designated UFO for April. Since I've been working on scrappy quilts I decided to stay in that mode and switched 10 and 2. Sew Chips 'n Strips is done for an April finish.

Today is also Design Wall Monday so Judy is planning to post the UFO link and new # this afternoon. Last week I made some paper pieced blocks for a class and have them up on my design wall this morning. If Judy picks #2 maybe I'll have Galactic Twinkle up on my wall next Monday :0) Will see what May brings... 

I can't believe it! Judy did pick #2 !!! for the next UFO! Perfect, it's a even trade for me ;0) Head on over to Judy's blog by clicking - Patchwork Times to see more quilts and projects finished in April by other quilters participating in Judy's 2012 UFO Challenge. Happy Quilting!


  1. I have often been in the predicament of having to alter my original idea to fit in with a fabric restriction, I find that a bit of tweaking here and there as you have had to do, allows you to become creative and you end up with a unique and pleasing layout/quilt at the end of the day! And the tweaking in no way diminishes the beauty of the end result! Your quilt is just wonderful, it has so many rich colours, I love it, very well done!!!!

  2. I too like your finished quilt. I love scrap quilts and have done several with Planet Patchwork. Wouldn't you know the year I didn't do it, they would pick a scrappy type quilt. Oh well, there is always another year.

  3. Wonderful finish - thanks for sharing the story also. JudycnNC


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