Sunday, April 15, 2012

Quilting 101

Last week Thursday was the second session of my Quilting 101 class at Cathy's Sew and Vac ~ Honey Run Quilters. Two students are brand new to quilting! Gail is rotary cutting for the first time! "Lock the blade" was repeated often :0) For this second class session I was just amazed at their progress!

With permission, we are making a quilt designed by Kathie Holland. Here is a photo of the new quilt that I am making along with the class. I finished the rows this morning. Next class session will be adding two borders...
I reversed the lights and darks for my quilt. I plan to name it Autumn Sunset. Sort of scrappy, used a few hand dyes from a batik swap and a couple of FQs from my stash. Not quite enough fabric so it's "scrappier" at the bottom!

Following are the student's quilts in progress. These are on design walls and we are auditioning the blocks for placement and value before sewing them together.
These photos are all from the first layouts. Kathy made a few changes.
This is Kathy's in blues and tan/browns
Kathy T made quite a few changes. The points of the center star are all in the black, white and red stripe fabric. She also changed out some of the light squares.  The result was a better definition of the star shapes. 
Kathy T's in black white and red
Here you see Gail's first layouts with her version in browns. Her final layout ended up still different than these two...
Gail's with changes
Gail's first layout

Once they saw how it worked using my digital camera to view the blocks for value, they all pulled out their camera phones and took pictures themselves! I of course got caught up in their work and neglected to take more pictures of their progress. We meet again on April 26 and I will take photos of their tops, probably with borders by the end of class! Every one of them are doing great!!!

Here is a picture of my finished sample quilt:
Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. After a week of rain, we have some sun! Yea!!! We plan to take mom out to Bidwell Park for a walk with my dog Crystal.


  1. What fun to introduct newbies to quilting. How exciting to visualize a finished project.

    Loving the sun! I even opened my windows today!

  2. Loving the weather here today, and love the quilts!

  3. always fun to see a quilt in different colors! thanks for sharing its a perfect quilt for beginners imo, they are doing a great job.

  4. I really enjoyed seeing all the variations you've shared with us! Your sample quilt turned out Terrific!

  5. It's just amazing to see how colour placment can bring out a different emphasis to a design, and how the same quilt can look so different depending on prints/colours etc! What a fun design to work with and great for beginner quilters too, so many valuable lessons to be learned here!!!!


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