Monday, August 6, 2012

Woven Rail Fence and BOM

Color Me Happy BOM at Cathy's/Honey Run Quilters. We meet the first Thursday of each month at Cathy's/HoneyRun Quilters in Chico, CA. Click here for the calendar/website for more info. Also listed is the newest class starting this week, August 9th... a modified rail fence...
These are the fabrics I have chosen and the beginning of my strip sets. Its an odd mix of fabrics including some 19th century repros, some batiks and a really cute Christmas print (the lightest fabric) that I found at HoneyRun.
Strip sets started for Woven Rail Fence
It's been awhile since I started a new quilt and I have to say it feels really good!!! Getting UFOs finished is great but it's not as inspiring as starting a new project. :0) Not that I am actually getting UFOs finished lately. Zero for the month of July. I'm OK with it, I read an article in July's Quilters Newsletter called Make Peace with Your UFOs by Jen Daly. "It's good to have goals but better to enjoy the journey."


  1. You should be proud of all the UFOs you completed! Reward yourself with a new project, because it is about the journey.

  2. I agree!
    All work and no play...


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