Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ramblin' Rows

I started a new blog along with a longarm quilting business! After choosing 3 different names I came up with Ramblin' Rows for my personal blog. A play on Ramblin' Rose replaced by Rows for block rows and rows of veggies! That covers quilting and gardening, my two favorite pastimes. Here is my first post. Still have a few bugs to work out.

This blog is going to be dedicated to my Longarm business, Moonbear Designs & Quilting. It already has my business name. It will be set up to make it easier for customers to find info on my quilting services. Posts will be about customer quilts, thread, batting and about my classes at Honey Run Quilters and Cathy's.

You are all welcome to check in with us and see what we are up to. I hope you do as well as follow my new personal quilting blog! There will be a link on each side bar from one blog to the other. TIA

I am using this pic of my Medallion quilt for Lori and Randy's SAL for the Ramblin' Rows blog header. I have all of the flowers and birds ready to applique on the last border. Stems and leaves soon!

We are back to 'normal' summer temps in the 90s here in the North Valley. July 4th reached a high of 111! It was miserable and humid! We had a small thunderhead, a short downpour and humidity at 9 am Thursday morning to 'cool' us off (very unusual for here, it felt like we were back in Texas!) 

This is the little thunderhead that dumped on us. If I were still living in the mountains this would have been no big deal. You know you live in Chico when a 'cool down' is 96 degrees F and feels great!


  1. Your quilt looks fantastic! I am packing up the necessities so I can get mine quilted this week!

  2. Your medallion quilt is looking beautiful!
    So happy the weather is cooling off a bit for you.


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