Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Quilt design by Kathie Holland
The Carpenter's Star quilt 
I made from a pattern by Kathie Holland of Inspired by Antique Quilts. 
Red, white and blue are also the colors of the Dutch flag :0)

This month will also mark the birthday of a longarm quilting business!!! Yes, after lots of practice on sample quilts, community service donation quilts as well as my quilts and quilts made by friends, I am ready to start quilting for hire!!! I don't get much in the way of home dec/window treatment contracts since I moved from Tahoe to Chico, so I am changing gears. Some of the first changes I plan to do is setting up a separate blog for my longarm business and look into a different longarm quilting machine. I am not happy with the one I am learning on and have been test driving other brands. Lot's of new adventures! 
Still too hot to venture out in the garden. 109 degrees F was our high yesterday and today's forecast is for more of the same. (High was 111!)
This pic was taken at 5 am this morning of the thermometer IN my longarm studio reading 85 degrees! Needless to say I won't be working today :0(
both because of the heat and it's a holiday! Yea!!! 

It will be a "staycation" for us this weekend. Crystal is quite happy in the house with the air conditioning and fans blowing on her white fur. All she needs is a blue and red bandana. Second to New Year's Eve, this is not her favorite holiday, a big white German Shepherd who freaks out with the sounds of fireworks and thunder, and we may have both today with afternoon thunderstorms. I expect Crystal will be spending the night in my bed instead of hers! It will be a good day to work on the applique for my Medallion quilt.

Enjoy the holiday! Wishing everyone has time off to enjoy some stitching!


  1. Stay as cool as possible and Happy 4th of July!!

    :) Carolyn

  2. Your quilt is so festive. Sorry your pup suffers so from the fireworks. My cat hides in the back of the dirty clothes cabinet when scared.

  3. Happy 4th! you are having some very hot weather. we are too but with a lot of humidity!


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