Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Quilts for Claudia

Claudia picked up her quilts this morning. I showed two of them in progress last week while they were still on my longarm. This week I finished quilting the third quilt, trimmed all three and took some photos...
This is my favorite. Made with French General, I love these fabrics!
I can see why Sue ~ Cozy Little Quilts loves them too
The center is quilted with a panto from Designs by Deb
I added feather swags in the outer border and feather flowers in the corners
This is Claudia's quilt for Marmee. Made of 19th century repros in pink and brown
Quilted with a panto by Kim Diamond called Williamsburg... 
This is the back which shows the quilting a little better...
All three quilts are quilted with a wool batting from Quilter's Dream.
I love the loft and it's the only batting Claudia uses now. 
It is a challenge to quilt on as it wants to move but it is so worth it! 
Claudia has quite the range in style as this quilt is modern...
 Named Tweet, the prints have birds, chairs and sofas mixed with prints of ovals
 I took a quilting design by Kim Diamond called Bubbles Everywhere and elongated the design until the round circles became ovals and it worked out great!
This is Claudia's pieced back...
Thank you Claudia :0) It is a pleasure quilting your quilts.
Pieced well, always flat and square tops
The reason I LOVE my job!!!


  1. Wonderful quilts. I love the stars.

  2. Did someone say " French General fabric "? That quilt is gorgeous and the quilting you did Amazing !

    All of the quilts are beautiful ! You did a wonderful quilting job on all of them :-D


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