Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sandy x 2 with Cats

Three quilts finished and picked up by two Sandy's
 This beauty is made by Sandy K for her sister
Love the Poppy fabric, it's a favorite from her stash
Quilted with Kim Diamond's Under the Sea in a cream thread to blend with the background of the floral fabrics. We liked the movement that this quilting design creates.

Two more for Sandra E, both quilts with cats...
This quilt is named Hide and Seek in the Park. Batiks in orange and greens with applique cats peaking around the sashing. Very cute!
Quilted with Tropical Garden (very popular this month :0) in a gold to rust variegated thread. 
and Motley Crew on the Loose! Quilted with another of Deb's designs called Playful Kittens.
 Difficult to see the quilting design in these pics, the large curves are cat tails.
Love Sandra's cats made with fan blocks. She will be adding embellishments for the cat's eyes on both of her quilts now that they are quilted.
Thank you ladies! 

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  1. I love the cats peaking out of the sashings. That's the way cats really are. I love the big flowers in the first Sandy's quilts. And the beautiful fan cats. (Clever - very clever!)


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