Saturday, January 25, 2014

Two quilts this week

Customer quilts finished this week...
Linda E made this gorgeous quilt top! Love the sparkle of the little blue and white nine patches. Border is a Paisley print so we choose a Paisley panto to quilt this beauty. 

And the backing with a close up of the quilting design...
I've been quilting for Linda a little over two years. It's nice to see first hand how she has gained confidence in her skills and has grown into a very talented quilter! Her piecing is perfect!
Thank you Linda!

This is a fun baby quilt for Judy P. First quilt done for Judy, a member of our guild, ASQG. We also share the same birthday and got to know each other a little better during the last quilt show. Judy makes soft sculpture and was a vendor at the quilt show with her beautiful dolls. Brandie, Jill and I purchased all of her mermaid dolls. All different and really cute! I'll take a pic today and post it later.

Quilted with a swirl design to go with the POW! Judy said it is for a "bruiser of a boy" and had a good laugh when she picked up this quilt yesterday. Thank you Judy!

With a late start this week which started out with a cold, only three quilts quilted this week. The third was a sample quilt for Theresa at Honey Run Quilters. Two more to be done and six that will be quilted on the new longarm in March. March, that does seem like a long time! Thank you Beckie, Barbara (each have two), Carole and Carol for putting your quilts on hold. 

The list of quilts waiting for the Innova is growing and I may be in for a log jam. When I dropped off the quilted sample yesterday at Honey Run Quilters, Kelly told me she has three ready to be quilted!

On the home front, I finished my Mystery quilt top and am ready to start two projects this weekend. Barbara Brackman posted the first block for her 2014 BOM Threads of Memory and yesterday Lori of Humble Quilts posted the start of a QAL on her blog. For links head over to my blog Ramblin' Rows.
Disappointed at the end to last weekends game and the 49ers not making it into the Super Bowl. Happy to have a break from football until next weekend, I have blocks to make! 
Enjoy your weekend! Thanks for stopping by


  1. Just beautiful quilts ! I have that paisley quilting on one of my quilts & it is my favorite !

  2. LInda's quilt is gorgeous! Thos fabrics are perfect!
    Did you get a picture of all the mermaids? I'll wait and see!


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