Saturday, February 1, 2014

More distractions than quilting this week

Only one customer quilt finished this week. A baby quilt made by Donna. Really cute embroidery blocks Donna made on her new embroidery machine. Cute pink sashing and yellow minkee backing. Quilted with FMQing on my Juki with a fill and outline around the embroidery. It's really cute but I can't show you because the distracted person that I am forgot to take a picture before Donna picked it up on Thursday!

While I was working on Donna's quilt on my Juki I did load one of my quilts on the longarm.

Now you'll have a picture to look at :0) I'll post more about this quilt on Ramblin' Rows.

The day before the playoffs I felt a cold coming on. Now two weeks later, tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday and yep, still have that cold! Mom has allot going on and I received sad news earlier this week, a long time friend and very close friend of my late husband, had a stroke. Larry Ferguson passed away yesterday. Tough news, the kind that brings what's important in focus and re-setting some priorities. Hard to believe it's the first of February. It's going to be an interesting month breaking down the longarm and setting it up in Kathy's shop. Getting some ideas on reorganizing my longarm studio, setting up my big design wall and a good cleaning! 
Enjoy your weekend, hope you get some stitching in  


  1. So sorry for your bad news. Hang in there.

  2. So sorry for your loss Jo. These are not the kinds of distractions we want, though they do help reset our goals and priorities as you mentioned. Enjoy the anticipation of your new arrival,

  3. Sorry to hear of your loss Jo! Wishing you great comfort during this difficult time.
    I hope you shake that cold soon too!

  4. Sending hugs and comforts to you Miss Jo. Take your time and feel better, pam


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