Friday, August 29, 2014

More quilts in August

Love this graphic Christmas quilt made by Sandra E
Check out these really cute fat Red Cardinals!
Quilted with the perfect Christmas e2e with gold Glide
Ornaments, stars, trees and of course another cute little bird
Not a Cardinal but both birds have cute little feathered tails!

Sandy's was one of the four delivered yesterday along with this one for Phoebe
Also quilted with birds. A different design, this one from Anne Bright
Phoebe's is made from blocks she won at our guild
Annie Star Quilt Guild's Block of the Month lets say 'some' time ago :0)
Phoebe is finishing this one for a family member

A second quilt for Rosie was picked up yesterday
Rosie is new to quilting! Loving it which is good
because she is very good! 
 Quilted with a pattern from One Song ~ Dogwood
I love this pattern and used it allot on my last longarm. After using it on both Rosie and Judy J's quilts on my new system found that it does not run correctly. It's in a .dxf format that Auto Pilot is able to convert to .pat but it doesn't read it the same. New functions I have now didn't work and the stitching path was completely different. It did allot of extra traveling that wasn't necessary so I have decided to retire this design. Not to worry, I can repurchase it in .pat or will find something new to replace it. The amount of designs available now are amazing. A note about One Song if you are a longarmer, Donna will be closing down her website in October. Her patterns are now only available thru Digi-Tech. They carry lots of designs from several different designers. Someday, when I have some extra time (ha ha) I want to play with Art N Stitch and learn to digitize my own designs and then I could redigitize patterns myself when needed.

One more of the four from yesterday was a baby quilt made by Pam P
Pam appliqued the hearts and added a chain stitch around each of them with embroidery thread. Very cute. A new to me customer, she asked for a cross hatch for the background and that I not stitch thru the hearts. I added a floral border and corner design for the outer border finished with a SID in the inner border. Quilted in a thread called Western Pink.

The backing, perfect choice for this quilt.
Thank you Pam! 

I am off to work on Janie's quilt. She is coming by the studio today to work on Amaretto Cottage as well. Looking forward to seeing her progress and new finished blocks.

Enjoy your day! 

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