Monday, August 4, 2014

A little Ketchup

A new month and a good time to post a few of the customer quilts not posted that were quilted in May and June while I was in Ketchup mode :0)
This is a quilt made by Barbara H.
A kit she purchased from Morning Star Quilt Shop in Paradise. I was very happy to see this quilt top as I made the same kit purchsed from Marsha when Morning Star was a vendor at Annie's Star Quilt guilds quilt show. Custom quilted on the Innova. She also brought along this quilt to my studio for quilting...
made from a Kim Diehl pattern which I was also familiar with because I am making one too! We have the same taste in quilts! I spent some time on both of these quilts and they are the very first custom quilts quilted on the Innova. Here are a few close up pix...
 This is Petit Fours from 2009 :0)
Heirloom Roses and a Williamsburg border design quilted in the borders
 and below the back...
 Barbara's Kim Diehl quilt

Surprise, I found another that Sandra E made, a Tessellations style quilt...
Sandra is a prolific quilter! 

 Also quilted with Jubilee. Love this Anne Bright pattern!
Another gorgeous batik used for her backing...

Check out this fun quilt made with Mickey Mouse and 
Nightmare Before Christmas fabrics
Made for the quilter's sister, a true Disney fan!
Quilted with a geometric design that she picked that was perfect!

This is a Breast Cancer Fundraiser quilt made by members of the 
Embroidery Club at Cathy's Honey Run Quilters
The project was spearheaded by Carol and the quilt pieced by Beckie
Custom quilted on the Innova, 
each of the blocks were machine embroidered
so an e2e was not an option for this one! 
Following are close ups of some of the embroidered blocks...

A wonderful collaboration!

Three Four more, these are all baby quilts...
This one is a very cute panel quilt made by Janie
Quilted with Stars in a Bright Yellow Glide thread

Two made by Janet M
This one is quilted with Dragonflies
with a very cute backing fabric
and last but not least...
 These fabrics and prints were a mix of baby animals
 Quilted with Aussie Babies and a Minkee backing
 very cute!

 Found one more, made by Rosie
 Also with a minkee backing and quilted with Jubilee
Love this quilting design!
I had a hard time taking pix of this one, it was a very bright, sunny and hot day so I laid down a sheet and took photos out in the grass in the shade. Not the best photos, but the best part is that this is one of Rosie's first quilts. I now have a second she made already, waiting to be quilted. She is getting ready to retire and plans to spend some of that time learning to quilt. Well, she has gotten a pretty good start on that! Yea! 

Thank you Rosie, Janet, Janie, Carol, Sandra and Barbara! I appreciate each of you very much! If I have left anyone out, my apologies. Every once in awhile a quilt gets past me without a photo or a customer did not give written permission on my work order to post their name and/or quilt on the internet.

It is so nice to be caught up from the back log. Not a fun situation, especially in the summer time! Recently finished two for Judy J and a class sample for Honey Run Quilters that Goldie will be teaching in September, it's still on my longarm and will be posted... stay tuned! Today it was cloudy all day. Lots of rain up in the mountains, a good thing with the fires but not so good with mudslides in SoCal... in August! Very weird weather! 

Stay safe and cool and take a few stitches whenever possible! 
Groetjes, Jo

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  1. You go girl! What a lot of great finishes, and that has to feel soooooo good to catch up a bit. Woo hoo.


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