Saturday, August 2, 2014

Quilts for Sandra and Cindy

A little catch up with two quilts. This is Sandra's most recent...
Officially the name of this pattern is Out of the Box
Sandra has her own name for it, The Quilt from &%#*!
I watched her work on this quilt at one of Goldie's sew days at Honey Run Quilters @ Cathy's. The pattern was poorly written and a challenge to follow. Sandra ended up re-writing the pattern, just in case she decides to make it again :0) It was quite entertaining to watch her work on this one and it turned out perfect! I love the gold fabric she added, it's a Civil War fabric from Judie Rothermel. Yummm! In keeping with the gold in the fabrics and the circle design of the background fabric Sandra requested circles and swirls in a Gold Glide thread. This is the back...
The quilting design is Bubbles Everywhere
Thank you Mom!

I include each customer's name in the labels of my blog posts. It makes it easy to do a search on my blog to pull up all the posts with quilt pix for that quilter. I only put in first names and occasionally add the first letter of a last name. To see all of Sandra's quilts put in Sandra E in the 'Search this site' box or click on the links in the 'Labels to search by' box further down the right side bar. I also include the quilting pattern names in the labels so more examples can be searched for as well.   

Quilt for Cindy G
This is second quilt made by Cindy
 Quilted in May with a design called Jubilee. 
Love this quilting design from Anne Bright with flowers, hearts, swirls and butterflies!
The batik fabrics are so soft and wonderful!
This is the back with a fun batik...

Another hot weekend is in store for us, it's Chico!, here in the North Valley of California followed by more triple digits and upper 90's all of next week as well. May be a good weekend to take some stitches indoors with the cooler! Stay cool and enjoy your weekend! 

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