Friday, June 5, 2015

Graduation Quilts

The Sunbonnet Sue quilt that I was working on and finished last week...
On my frame where you can see some definition with the back light
Ribbon Candy is the design in the sashing
Daisies are added to Sue's hat and the cornerstones

with a Daisy border design

The backing is pieced by Melissa, the graduate
receiving this quilt. It's a group project, each block and blanket stitching done by different stitchers. The fabrics are all from Melissa's grandmother's 1930s stash of fabrics and Sunbonnet Sue was her favorite quilt. Lesa brought this project into my studio along with Debbie with a goal of having this finished to give to Melissa for graduation. Picked up a week ago, Lesa has the binding planned in the multi color solids used for the block frames. A special label is made by an artist for this project. Wish I could see the finished quilt!

It was the perfect quilt to work on while I was working thru the loss of my Mom. It got me going because of the deadline along with this quilt for Kelly, also a graduation quilt for a member in Kelly's family...
Great fabrics, of course  ;0)
with a Shabby Chic look backing Yes!
This is Jeweled Wanderer
Quilted with the design ~ Rapunzel by Anne Bright
It's a wonderful fun design with good coverage.
Thread is a Fantastico variegated blend of teal, grey and pink. LOVE!
with Omni Light Rose on the back, both threads from Superior.
 Batting is Quilter's Dream Machine Blend

(NQR) Today was a better day for me, largely due to last night's guild meeting. Kelly had allot to do with that as well. I agonized about going, not sure how I would feel or react. We are not a society well equipped to deal with loss. People don't know what to say or say the cliche's that people say like "They are in a better place". I found myself saying that one, mostly because I want it to be true. We really don't know what happens. Is there an afterlife? Is it better? 

First thing Pam B greeting me with a hug and then Joyce came up to me with the biggest hug and said... "There are no words" Perfect! Thank you! That broke the ice. Last night's meeting was our community service meeting. Being the guild's treasurer and Vendor Chair for our quilt show coming up I had business that needed to be attended to. Did that and checked in with Kelly, our VP standing in for our Pres who is out of town to let her know I was not staying and was not up to sewing. Kelly had a table set up for everyone that was not in a small group (that would be me too) and had a project planned. Nice! Thank you Kelly, now I am sorry that I didn't plan to stay! Everyone was gracious and wonderful.

Two customer quilts finished this week for Beckie and Judy P. Again... lots of pix to catch up on. The next 5 quilts are all custom which will give me a chance to catch up with posting pix. Next up is a quilt for Lori, it's up on my design wall right now while I get design ideas rolling around in my head before it's loaded...
This is Lori's Flags of the American Revolution quilt, a design by Jan Patek and a QAL Lori hosted on her blog Humble Quilts in 2014. So looking forward to quilting this beauty!

Have a wonderful weekend, take some stitches!
Tot Ziens, Jo

"We will be known forever by the tracks we leave."
Native American Proverb

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  1. So happy you came to guild. Very good to see you. Sewing with Goldie for awhile tomorrow so come by if you feel like it ;) that quilt of Lori's is wonderful! She is going to be so very happy! Yay!


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