Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Quilting for Sandy and Phoebe

Today's catch up post with quilts made by Sandy E and Phoebe,
quilted in May. First is Phoebe's scrappy quilt...

made with her favorite block, pinwheels

 Quilted with Zen Roses
an e2e by One Song Needle Arts

 that complimented all of the floral prints and colors
that Phoebe put into her scrappy quilt

This second quilt is made by Sandy E.
using up pieces of her Australian print fabrics

Quilting design is an e2e from Apricot Moon
lined up and repeated within the blocks

I choose the quilting design
to work with these great aboriginal prints
with lots of color

Beautiful! Thank you Phoebe and Sandy
You are the best Scrap Happy Girls! 

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