Monday, June 1, 2015

Rose Moon

Strawberry Moon, also know as the Rose Moon
June 1st

Summer will be here soon. Not looking forward to anther summer of drought in California. New water restrictions take effect today. Many of us native Californians have lived thru two droughts and using water wisely has become a way of life. With new restrictions we will be required to reduce consumption by 32%. Michael and I are trying to figure out how we can cut our usage even more than we already do and have decided we will have to let parts of the garden go unwatered, the front lawn will be the first to go. 

Another concern is our fire season. Again, as a native Californian I have lived thru a few close calls. In the 90s in Paradise was a close call and again in 2007 was evacuated from my home, drove to my friend Sally's home only to be evacuated there as a fire in Tahoe raged across Angora Ridge to Fallen Leaf Lake and came very close to Tahoe Keys along the South Shore. Many friends lost their homes, thankfully no lives. 

I am getting back on track with my longarming. It felt good to get some quilting done last week on two quilts that were promised as graduation gifts. The first was a Sunbonnet Sue quilt that I started before Mom's decline. It has a wonderful story and was a bit of therapy to finish for a young lady to remember her grandmother. The quilt is a group project made for her using her grandmother's 1930's fabrics. Both quilts have been picked up and I have pix on my camera that I will share on a new post. Actually I think there may be some that I took with the quilt in progress...
Yep, found this one with the border started along with a few more quilts for Claudia, Pam and Sandy that were finished but not posted here on the blog. There was so much to do for Mom, it became a 24/7, more that I expected. I am happy I was able to it, it's always been my goal to be here for her when the time came. Now it's time to try and move forward. I am happy to be a quilter because it is very much therapy with the added bonus of meeting and knowing other quilters that support each other. When Lesa and Debbie came to pick up the Sunbonnet Sue quilt, they brought a beautiful card and flowers. Who could ask for more?! Bear hugs and many many thanks!

Enjoy the day... "We will be known forever by the tracks we leave."
Native American Proverb


  1. It is wonderful you were willing and able to take care of your mom at the end. And quilting is great for healing and therapy:)

    1. PS, Fire season in Central Oregon will be a doozy this year. Such a scary prospect. I can't imagine evacuating!


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