Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Quilting for Carol

Carol is busy using up her stash and scraps. She started last year.
Here are four that I've quilted for her so far this year, there are more in the works!

Starting off with this quilt, love the colors and prints!

Carol is really good at combining fabrics with a great sense of color. 
Check out the backing too!

How fun is that with all of the animal prints!?!

Quilted with humming birds and leaves 
to go with the theme of the prints 
 and for the recipient of this quilt who loves hummers :0)

Another, this one made with Hawaiian floral prints 
Carol brings back fabrics she finds in Hawaii!

Quilted with a floral design from Anne Bright called Jamaica.
Hibiscus would have been perfect as well except we did that on a quilt
Carol made last year with her Hawaiian prints. 

Below is a quilt Carol made in a Linda Ballard workshop at HRQ

Quilted with a design set from Intelligent Quilting called Sunflower Spiral. 
I centered the block design over the slices
 and then did something a little different in the borders, 
'slicing' off some of the design.

Notice that tiny thin inner border, beautiful! Great batiks too

plus one more this year that was quilted with a Pearl Feathers set
 from Anne Bright

 Great feather border design!
The pieced backing was just as much fun...

Here you can see the stop border that was added to the dark inner border

Thank you Carol! Looking forward seeing the next ones :0)

To see more of Carol's quilts tap/click Carol F in the 'Search by Quilter' box located on the sidebar. Sadly, with mobile viewing, no side bar however, you can always use the blogger search box and type in her name. All of the blog posts with her quilts will come up. You can also look up specific quilting designs as well and see how they look quilted on a quilt. 

Tot ziens, Jo

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