Saturday, April 30, 2016

Modern Building Blocks

 3 Modern Building Blocks quilts have come thru my studio
First one was for Linda D and this week I quilted two more... this is Debbie's

Quilted with Woven Wind, a digital design from Apricot Moon
Thread is a Glide in Cool Grey
Batting is Quilter's Dream Wool

and this is Karen's

Quilting design is Lonestar by Kim Diamond 
We choose a variegated thread from Superior called Great Barrier Reef 
A SoFine40 with lots of teal, blue, greens and a bright lime yellow/green
Batting is Quilter's Dream Cotton Select

This shows the quilting as well as how the thread sparkled on Karen's!
and below, the sparkle of Glide on Debbie's

Love how she personalized her quilt too!

It's always so much fun to see the same pattern made sew different 
depending on fabrics and choices by each quilter :0)
Below is Linda D's Modern Building Blocks quilted with Rapunzel 

Proving that great minds think alike... check out the backings...

and this is Debbie's 
 How cool is that! I used the Cool Grey Glide on the back of Debbie's
quilt as well, it really sparkled on the Tula Pink backing fabric :0)

A couple of close ups of Karen's blocks with great fabric choices...

and a few of Debbie's... a different 
feel with the crispness of the white background fabric.

Karen has her quilt and Debbie's is quilted, trimmed and 
ready for it's binding... will be completed soon! 

I have fallen behind schedule again this month with unforeseen events, 
one being Michael's surgery. I am very happy to report that he is doing great! 
(and I won't have to mow the lawn again ;0) 
Have a wonderful weekend!
I am ready to get going on the longarm today to make up some time.
Tricky thing is time when you work in production, hard to make it up! 
Thanks for everyone's patience
Tot ziens, Jo


  1. Love seeing your wonderful machine quilting work and think it is so great that you share with us the quilts that come to you. The three Modern Building Blocks - same pattern but such different look!


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