Saturday, April 16, 2016

Warm Bear Hugs!

 Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers
Micheal is home and doing fine

update... it's 5:30 pm Saturday and Michael is doing really well. 
No pain meds today, 
he is eating small amounts of no fat no spice no fun foods 
and watching *:(tv) tv.  We take short walks.
Michael is using Mom's walker until he is a little steadier on his feet (Very sexy! ;) Not!
 *=)) rolling on the floor however, there is some entertainment value! 

Seriously, great news, especially following our concerns post op yesterday. wahoo!  
Love & hugs, Jo

Also got word yesterday that the new Mach 3 has been released for Auto Pilot! Oh boy, new software to explore! Another day, for now it's getting Micheal healed and then back to customer quilts. This summer will be the time I have set aside for new upgrades to my longarm system, both the software as well as add ons to my frame. 

Enjoy your weekend
Tot Ziens, Jo


  1. Glad all is well for Micheal--and you. Enjoy having a little time off!
    The pineapple wedding quilt was a hit at the reception. I love it, too, even if I had to let it go. Hmmm, maybe I need one for myself! Enjoy Spring! Betty D

  2. Great news! I hope he continues to heal quickly.


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