Friday, June 24, 2011

Segmented seams on 9 patches

Vicky, check this out! I've been working with 9 patches the last few days. These are from a different swap than the little 3 inch patches that we did a few years back. I used some 4 1/2 inch patches from a different swap, also with AAQMB group. I found a great way to press the seams using the segmented method that works great for pinwheels and stars. It works great on 9 patches too! Eliminates allot of bulk and they lay nice and flat. Wish I had known to do this back when Vicky and I did a bazillion of them for that swap. Check it out:

3 inch patches
I used from stash fabrics to make these and cut more for the class to try out tomorrow. After working with reproduction fabrics, it was kind of strange to use other colors. I also used some black and white fabrics that were left over from yet another swap. We did allot of swaps! lol

My favorites were the batik swaps.

I made the 3 inch patches using the regular strip method. The larger black and white ones I made using the magic 9 patch.
You start out with 2 squares and end up with one positive and one negative 9 patch.

The patches are made the regular way. Pressed to the dark which sets up opposing seams. After the patch is completed, just pull the threads loose from the seam ends, pull the seam allowances in opposite directions and let the center spiral. It forms a little 4 patch. Repeat with all four junctions. Easy!

Opposing seams is the focus in the class tomorrow. The 9 patch is just for fun to get the feel of "locking" seams before we start sewing the rows together.

Kathie Holland graciously gave me permission to teach her Black, White and Red All Around design. I LOVE her star design. Here is the quilt that I made from the 6 inch squares from the swap so it's very scrappy. Thank you Kathie!

Black, White and Red All Around
Pattern design by Kathie Holland
I made a second smaller version in patriotic fabrics. It's hanging up in the store. All the HSTs were made in the first class. Tomorrow we sew the rows and add borders to finish the top. There will be a third class in 2 weeks that will cover machine quilting, binding and finishing with a label.

Here are pics of the samples I made the other day with different borders.

Mitered borders with inner and outer borders

I left 2 of the mitred border corners unfinished to show the class how they are put together.
Inner border used with sashings
Setting cornerstones into outer borders

Stripe spiral border just for fun!
It's so much fun to teach and get newbies excited about quilting! Looking forward to tomorrow. The only bummer about teaching this class is that it is on Saturday and I will have to wait until the afternoon to start on the new block for the Civil War BOW.
Until then....


  1. I remember all those swaps!! I used a ton of those fabrics for quilts, but probably still have some of them packed away somewhere! Good for you for using them up! I really like twirling those seams. Makes everything lay nice and flat! Love Kathie's quilt and your reproduction of it. You're on a roll!!! xo

  2. love the little quilt with the stripe border, great use of fabrics for that little quilt!
    Can't wait to see the patriotic version of my star quilt!
    Great pattern for a quick baby quilt too.
    maybe I need to make this again but little!


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