Sunday, February 12, 2012

Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine

This card reminds me of grade school. The teacher had us tape a bag we decorated with hearts to the edge of our desk for our 'mailbox' and we traded cards much like this one. Those were the daze... simple innocence
"I will always love you" the lyrics as sung by Whitney Houston
played over and over this morning as her death is reported
Life has ceased to be simple and certainly no longer innocent
Come Ride With Me, My Valentine
on this life's sweet journey

All caught up with JT2 until the next set of blocks to be posted the day after Valentine's Day. This is block 12, paper pieced and was it ever a challenge... 
Block 12 ~ Rocky Mountain Chain or Tumbling Blocks
Next up is UFO #1 to be completed in February. Mine is a red and white quilt. The center is ready for borders. I have the quilting designs planned. Once the top is finished it will be quilted with feather wreaths in the snowball blocks, a reel design in the alternate blocks and feather borders. Better get to it!
Have a Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Block 12 looks amazing! I'm being tempted!

  2. A R&W quilt is the perfect UFO to work on in Feb. I'll be cheering for you!


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