Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Little Finish

This flu bug won't let me go! Not sure if it's a relapse or another phase, last week it knocked me down for another round. Stayed down for 2 full days. Spent the rest of the holiday weekend sewing bindings on 3 quilts while sipping tea under a pile of my quilts.
#1 Sewed the binding down on a large quilt for Pearl.
#2 Binding is on this little UFO. It's last on my UFO Challenge list and now it's finished ahead of time. Hope that gives me some wiggle room. My February red and white quilt has been loaded on my longarm since last week Thursday. Only one row of blocks were quilted. Hoping I can get it quilted and binding on before the end of the month. Good thing it's leap year and we have one extra day this month! lol Did OK today... have almost half of the quilt quilted. Also got out and filled up my truck with gas before prices go over $4/gal!!!

#3 I took off... yes, I am going backwards... took off the red binding on my Connected Friends UFO quilt and replaced it with a blue binding. I like it so much better!
After ~ with blue binding
Before ~ with red binding
Apologies for not keeping up with blog posts. Also missed a quilt show meeting for ASQG. Luckily no classes this week as I don't have my voice back yet. Weirdest thing that has happened since I came down with this flu, is that my vision changed, the same week I was taking some heavy duty antibiotics. Nasty stuff... Looking forward to getting back to "normal" ;0) whatever that is.

ps NO is the answer to the question in my last post. I am sticking with getting UFOs completed and getting my body back up to snuff...


  1. Oh my ! SO sorry to hear you are still sick ! Hope you are feeling better soon .

  2. Jo, what a beauty of a quilt! It looks great with the blue binding!

    I have been down with what I thought was a cold since Jan. It would go away and return, Went to the Dr. and he said a severe case of allergies. I have to get up at 2 am and move to the couch so I can sleep sitting up and be able to breathe. I am in dire need of good old sleep!

    Anyway, hope that you are feeling better by now.




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