Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Country Cottages

Warning!... Distraction!... Temptation!... Brandie, don't look! ;0)

I was checking out other JT2 blocks on the Circle of Friends:Take Two! flickr site when HeresLucy posted her version of the house block made as a cottage. It is sew cute!!!

There is a Country Cottages flickr site set up too. Click here

I am sew tempted! The blocks are appliqué and embroidery. I would do the appliqué by machine with a button hole stitch. My Bernina has two button hole stitch options, one is extra thick with 2 threads. The embroidery and embellishments would be fun to add and would make a good take along project. NOT that I need another project!!!

I am making good progress on my UFOs and getting work done! The borders are added to my red and white quilt and it's ready to be quilted. Yesterday I FMQ a small quilt on my Bernina. Now that I am finally feeling better and at the tail end of this nasty coughing flu I had the energy.

Meanwhile my studio is warming up and I plan to quilt my red and white quilt this afternoon. Waiting for the next set of blocks for JT2 to be posted today. I hope there are not another 1/2 dozen blocks again. I have to say this quilt is taking more of my time than I expected, but I do like the challenges and new techniques.

Hummmm... it is the middle of February, I am making good progress on my UFOs, getting jobs done. The big question... Do I start a new quilt project?!?

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  1. I looked! I'm thinking about it.
    Yes you should start a new project (said the spider to the fly). All work and no play makes for a very dull Jo.


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