Friday, February 28, 2014

Change is Good

Pinned this morning via Jo Morton (love her style :0)
This just hit home for me
After a few bumps in the road with my new longarm
Jim came out at the end of his day in the dark and pouring rain to trouble shoot my machine
With a part ordered I am back on the road!

Earlier it was 'what have I done!'
I had to remind myself that I reached a dead end with my previous longarm and in order to grow I walked away from that machine and on to a new one. Change is good! I love my new Innova! 
Hand guided it is all that I was looking for and it makes me Happy!
Moving forward now and not looking back!!! 

Note: Big thank you to my customers for your patience! The plan was to be up and running by March 1st, that's tomorrow. Not quite there, we will be very soon! Jo


  1. Thanks for sharing your hopes and fears! I know you are going to soar with this new machine Miss Jo. Have you named her yet? Just like a new child, the love is there and every day it's going to be a new challenge but so worth the efforts ;) Listen to me all sentimental...I am so looking forward to meeting her when you are ready! Hugs, Pam

  2. It always hard to get to get used to something new but I am sure you will have lots of fun learning and playing with your new longarm !

  3. Glad to hear you are "riding" the bumps!



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