Sunday, February 9, 2014

Last two quilts!

Last two quilts done on the Gammill. 
First up is a quilt made by Claudia...
in MidWinters Red fabrics. Love these colors and fabrics!!!

Quilted with one of my favs, 
Feather Meander in a gold thread that worked really well with Claudia's backing fabric.

Second quilt also made with stars, this is made by Tammy
Large queen size quilt in golds, yellow and burgundy on a light background.
This beauty is quilted with a variegated gold cotton thread
with Pearls and Swirls. 

It was kind of sad when I unloaded this quilt knowing it was the last one to be done on the Gammill. I am going to miss this wonderful work horse of a machine. I have to admit, there are aspects of this machine I like, as well as one function that the new machine doesn't have on the computer. Update: Innova updates their software frequently and this function IS on my new machine!!! It's at the Sew So Shop in Yuba City right now and Jim is getting it ready! It is available as a stand alone option. I do like the Gammill's frame, it is solid and heavy. Not really looking forward to moving it tho! 

Kathy was here in my studio training on the Gammill both Thursday and Friday. It's so weird to have to stop and think about the things I do and put it into words while showing someone. We were both exhausted and brain dead by Friday afternoon. Kathy did really well, after lunch on Friday she worked on her own for the most part on a jelly roll quilt top she made. 

We were hoping to move the Gammill this weekend but it's raining. Saturday allot, not so bad so far today. Will see if that works out. Update: We ended up with pouring rain so today was out! We are moving the longarm Monday! Yea, after moving lots of boxes this morning, DH and I have all of the leader bars removed, cords tagged and the PC packed up.
Set up time has not been scheduled for the Innova yet. I am not going to put off my set up, I have too many quilts lined up for March and April plus will need time to practice on the Innova.
Thank you to all my customers for your patience :0)

Meanwhile here is something pretty funny. Also posted it on Ramblin' Rows...
 Enjoy your day, stitching away (even in your jammies) !


  1. Claudia's quilt looks familiar. Love the quilted feathers on it.
    Tammy's quilt, WOW! I've never seen yellow and burgandy together, but I think they work gorgously together!

  2. Congratulations! I love the pearls and swirls. What an exciting time for you!


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