Friday, February 21, 2014

My Innova is here!

My Innova longarm has arrived!!!
Set up in my studio and loaded with a pre-printed panel, something easy to practice on.
Definitely a learning curve on Auto Pilot.
 The first parts of the frame that Jim pre-assembled in his shop...

 the frame begins to take shape... back table in place
 The carriage for the sewing head.

Meet Jim and Nicky! The owners of Sew So Shop
 Really nice folk, I would recommend them to anyone interested in an Innova
plus a gorgeous quilt shop, classes, sewing machines, fabric and supplies. 
Well worth the trip or a stop in Yuba City, CA. 
Look for them as vendors at many quilt shows as well.
That's how I first met them two years ago.
 Here she is! All set up. Rollers and leaders on
 Michael made a little table for the mouse
 We have since worked on a few more additions. I made canvas strips to pin to the sides with dowels that Michael cut along with some wood strips to lay across the take up rollers for the single side clamps. He came up with the wonderful idea to add mending brackets to the boards for my magnetic pin bowls. I found a wireless hand held keyboard/mouse that will be helpful. 

Getting everything fine tuned. Considering switching to Reds Snappers and Red E Edges. Change is good, change is not so good. Learning new stuff ~ good, learning new stuff ~ not so good.
Looking forward to getting back into my comfort zone. 
Next: rebuild my worktable and finish the window treatment. 
A few people asked if I planned to name my new longarm, 
thinking about it. Suggestions anyone???


  1. Learning new things is what keeps us young. You will be so young by the time you master this new machine!
    It looks so slim, like a robot arm.

  2. Whoop! whoop! How exciting! Have you joined the Innova group on line. I'm sure they would love you to show photos of your new set up - or at least give a link to your blog.
    Good luck with your new friend,



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