Saturday, February 21, 2015

Five in Five

Five quilts quilted this week!
First up is a quilt Betty D made in a guild workshop
Wonderful paisley batik quilted with a Paisley design
with a Rainbow variegated Fantastico thread
The black fabric are strips folded and pieced into cut blocks
A challenge for many longarm machines but the Innova did just fine :0)

Same applied to the set in folded fabric Cindy G added to this quilt
 The stripe with stars fabric is the folded flange set into the inner border
This is a quilt Cindy made for the Wounded Warrior project posted on Facebook
Also made in a guild workshop this month
Quilted with Star Spangled Banner e2e with a Red thread
matching the red backing

This is another quilt made by Betty D
Quilted with Raindrops
that played with the water drops in these cute duck prints
and check out the yellow duck backing :0) ...

A wedding gift quilt made by Alice C
Hawaiian prints for a couple that love Hawaii
 Quilted with an e2e of Hibiscus Flowers
by Sweet Dreams Studio

The fifth quilt finished up this week is completely different
This is a vintage quilt made with 1930's prints
Real ones, not repros. 
I consider myself honored to see and work with a few vintage quilt tops. As much as I would love to see all hand pieced quilt tops hand quilted, it's not always affordable and maybe not every old quilt top should be rescued. This top was not in the best shape with many of the blocks falling apart that had been repaired by machine. Parts of the quilt were faded and the piecing was very puckered. Linda D brought this quilt in to be quilted. Rescued from a neighbor whose wife had passed away, Linda and I decided to use a wool batting for two reasons. It's a natural product and it would help fill in the puckered areas of the piecing. 

When Linda came in to pick up this quilt she brought me another top she finished. I can't wait to quilt it! Modern, we already settled on a great design from Digi-tech. Really nice quilt, very similar to Kelly's style. Love it! and so did Kelly! 

Rose, a customer brought an old quilt into my studio this afternoon. Made by a family member it had red and white nine patches alternating with white squares and it had a pink border and cornerstones. It was hand quilted with a cotton batting. The backing was made from some sort of feed bag or flour sack fabric. Well worn and loved, it was really special to see an old red and white quilt. (didn't think to take pix :0( it was a long day)

Thank you Betty, Linda, Cindy and Alice!

My quilting time is donated for as many Community Service quilts for the guild as I am able as well as Quilts of Honor and the quilt above that Cindy made will be donated to the Wounded Warriors project.

This is a Community Service quilt for Annie's Star Quilt Guild
Pieced by a guild member, now quilted and will go to another member for binding
 Quilted with Feathered Leaf e2e
 Wonderful backing!

The Houses Quilt was submitted to KIXE for their auction
Link with pic on ASQG website

One more, also quilted for the guild is a small quilt
made in like fabrics as our Opportunity Quilt
Brandie organized this project, purchased the fabrics and worked with volunteers to piece and applique the blocks. This little guy will be given to the person who sells the most Opportunity Quilt tickets. Quilted on the Innova as close to the same quilting done on the big quilt, I made one change and used a wool batting along with a layer of cotton to add loft.
 Brandie did allot of the applique, love her fussy cutting!
The quilt is back in her hands for binding and will be presented to the guild soon :0)

Even the little corner blocks were quilted as the big quilt
pictured here...

Happy I was able to make good progress
Today is also the one year anniversary for Helena and I
The day my Innova arrived and was set up in my studio
It doesn't feel like a year, but it also feels like I've always quilted on this machine.

Enjoy your weekend
Tot Ziens, Jo


  1. What a busy week you've had, Jo, and what beautiful work you do! Love it! Betty D

  2. My goodness, you have been giving your Innova a work out. I think they cope better with flanges because the foot actually hops.

  3. Oh I love what you have been up to! How I would love to win the big quilt but I just died when I saw Brandie's quilt in person. Good gracious it is adorable!!

  4. Looks like you have been busy with some beautiful quilting!


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