Friday, February 27, 2015

Hot Air Balloons

quilted on a baby quilt made by Donna
A fun design by Dave Hudson
available from Digi-tech

The perfect choice requested by Donna for this quilt
Quilted with wool batting using an Omni thread
Love how the quilting shows on the Radiance fabric Donna used for the inner border

The backing is a dark brown minkee which is why I chose to use a darker thread color in Gray Slate. I also added a layer of thin cotton batting over the wool because the dark backing was shadowing thru to the top. Donna was happy with this little baby. Thank you Donna!

It's a good thing last week was productive as I can't say the same for this week. I finished a quilt last night for Janie and will post pix later with today's daylight. That makes two quilts finished this week. I do have lots more in the wings including 2 really cute Snowman quilts that I have been working on. Lots of applique and hand embroidery so they are being hand guided which takes more time to finish and fun to do! There are three more applique quilts waiting their turns, one for Linda D, Judy J and Sandy. Plus more booked until August! Annie's Star Quilt Guild's show is in November this year and everyone is busy getting quilts ready for the show.

A few guild responsibilities taken care of this week, time spent on my digital files and trouble shooting some format issues with Jessica at Digi-tech for Auto Pilot. Getting the right format that will run properly on older pre-AP designs is what we worked on. Very happy with Digi-tech. There are still designers out there that do not offer .pat format. (Note to other Innova/Auto Pilot users ~ .dxf will download onto AP and the system will reformat it into .pat however, they do NOT stitch out properly! Start and End points get changed and many do not run in one continues stitch) All of the patterns that Digi-tech offer in .pat run perfectly! They offer a great selection of designs from different designers plus digitized machine embroidery designs as well. Thank you Jessica!

Anne Bright and Sweet Dreams Studio also digitize in .pat format. These two, Digi-Tech and Apricot Moon are the resources I turn to for computerized designs. If you see a design on their websites you would like quilted on your quilt top, just ask! If I don't have it in my file, downloading and making it available for you is a cinch!  
 Enjoy your weekend
Tot Ziens, Jo

 "We will be known forever by the tracks we leave."
Native American Proverb

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