Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy Birthday Kelly!

This is the Big Wedding, it's been up on my design wall until I came up with a design for the quilting. A big part of this quilt is hand appliqued onto the back ground fabric. As a traditional quilter, stitching an all over design on a hand appliqued quilt is against the rules!!! Definitely in the eyes of the quilt police. Well, the QP do not live at my house any more :0) I'm breaking the rules!

Here is the Big Wedding draped over the frame of my longarm frame... quilted with... yes, an e2e design that IMHO fits the modern lines of this quilt. Kelly agreed :0) and that's what counts the most. What gave me the confidence to go ahead with the e2e is the original quilt in the book Adding Layers by Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession. Kathy's quilt pictured in her book is quilted with an all over pattern by Adri van der Zel. "minimalist quilting is a great way to go with contemporary-style quilts." ...a quote from the book.

The beginning of my stitch out. I probably could have scaled the size a bit larger, but other than that I like the texture that it creates, the curves and lines, how they mimic the blades. The design is called Woven Wind by Apricot Moon. Quilted with Omni in Flax on the top and Vanilla Wafer on the back, both theads from Superior...
Batting is Quilter's Dream Blend
 The center of the quilt
My pix are a little over exposed with the winter sun pouring into my studio. Taking good shots of quilts is an art in itself, which I have yet to master! Something else I really appreciated in Kathy's book are the photos and great settings. You really should check out her book! I purchased it last year and love it :0) It's great to see some very traditional quilt designs brought into the 21st century!
The fabrics Kelly chose are from Moda, Persimmon by Basicgrey. Once the binding is on, this quilt will be hanging up at Honey Run Quilters in Chico, CA. Drop by and take a look.

Thank you Kelly
Happy Birthday today!
Tot Ziens, Jo


  1. I like it a lot! I'm a rebel and not a fan of the quilt police!

  2. I love this e - e pattern, it looks fabulous on this gorgeous quilt!


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