Friday, May 22, 2015

Prayer Warriors

Michael and I are requesting prayers for my Mom. Placed here with us along with Hospice care nine days ago Mom has declined rapidly in the last 48 hours. Not able to communicate any longer we miss her voice and smile. Please join us with thoughts and prayers that Mom begins her journey from this life soon and is granted a peaceful passage to what lies beyond. Jo


  1. I'm sorry Jo. That was very fast, which I think is almost better. I hope Hospice is as wonderful where you are as they have been for us. Prayers and hugs

  2. I'm in, praying for your mom, you and Michael.

  3. Sending prayers for your Mom and your family along with big hugs of comfort to you Jo!

  4. Prayers for you & Michael. Prayer hugs for your mother. Comfort hugs to you & Michael. This will be a rough road for you two, but I will pray for calm serenity for you.


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