Friday, May 29, 2015

A Very Special Thank You

Lexies, thank you from the very bottom of my heart and to all the Prayer Warriors for sending out prayers for my Mom. Finding some peace now knowing Mom is in a safe place. I spent this week reflecting on her life, looking thru photos. Here is a post with Mom's story about her early life in Holland on my personal blog with a few old photos. Mom in 2011 taken at my guild's quilt show. (Not one of my quilts however a beautiful Lone Star!) 
Mom never did any quilting but she was an accomplished needle artist and seamstress. She and my Oma taught me cross stitch, knitting and crochet altho, cross stitch was what I loved and did the most. Mom taught me how to sew cloths. Later, I got in trouble making some pretty weird outfits in high school, getting sent home on more than one occasion :-/ Like that was a problem! :0)
Mom in Holland, knitting, shortly before she came to America

I wish the last 8 years she spent with me she could have done some quilting altho she enjoyed watching me on the longarm. I think that she would have loved it. Dementia prevented her from doing or remembering that she had done beautiful needle work and didn't even recognize pieces she had made. Dementia is a terrible disease and was difficult to watch, especially at the end and how it took her life. Thank goodness for Hospice, Michael, family, friends and special Prayer Warriors. You helped me get thru a very difficult time. Thank you. Bear hugs, Jo


  1. So sorry about your mom, it sounds like she left you with many good memories and that will sustain neat that she taught you so much!


  2. What a perfectly beautiful picture of your Mom!
    So good to read and know that you're doing so well, Jo. You're in my prayers!


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