Saturday, May 2, 2015

Quilts for Pam and Alice

Quilt top made by Pam P
Great colors and the print fabric with birds is very nice. It's a large quilt and one that seen from a distance as in a photo the pattern is even better. It's made up of the same block rotated with a great layout for the center, nice!

 The print with birds is the backing, the outer border and pieced into the blocks. 

Quilted with an e2e from Sweet Dreams Studio named Williamsburg
using an Omni thread in the color Hazelnut
just the same color as the birds.

Pam and her MIL, Alice both started bringing quilts in for quilting last year. Alice made the two big star quilts made from panels that I quilted earlier. This is a third one she finished...
 Great kaleidoscope effect!
These panels depict a Japanese woman by a pond with flowers
so I quilted an e2e of purple Koi swimming in a purple pond ;0)

One more quilted for Alice, actually top made by Delores for Alice
Alice choose a new quilting pattern that we thought would work in the diamonds
Quilted with Sweet Peas! using a Fantastico thread from Superior named Rainbows
The swirls in the quilting design also goes well with the fabrics

Sweet Peas, a fun design from One Song Needle Arts

Will save a few more for another post. After working a Saturday to make up some time, I am ready to enjoy the rest of the weekend. Hope you do the same!

Tot Ziens, Jo

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